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April 19, 2012

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My Nation My World

March 26, 2010

We live in a nation where every thing has been compromised including personal dignity and religion.

We live in a nation that witnessess  violence every minute that has  never encouraged  our environment.

We live a simple live yet in different style that everyone has his/her own secret hidden inside.

I have practically observed these things and they are not a quote just to buy  attention but it is a true story.

* We get SIM Card for free while the price of rice goes up to  Rs. 40 and even higher.

*Pizza reaches faster than Ambulance or Police.

*The interest rate of Education Loan is much more higher than a Home Loan.

*Private constructions are much more faster than a Goverment or Public construction.

*A terrorist is bettter paid than a Soldier.

*Headlines of the news papers are always about failures,violence,accident or dissaster etc. instead of  Achievements, growth and  happiness.

*Multiple mobile phones are used in a family living without a toilet.

Much more application than invitation.

*Always hunting instead of protecting.

*Taking first but never return.

*Jealous and never appriciate other’s achievement.

*Comparing instead of competing.

I have a very special message that can change the entire country and nation.

“There is only one person who can turn these things around and that is You”.


March 18, 2010

There are different kinds of Love in life. God’s Love, Romantic Love,

Family Love,  Friendship  Love  etc.  Love also can be created time to

 time person to person according to the situation and interest of people.

But  some loves do really exist in human nature without being created

and that is an endless Love.  One may love some one with or without the

knowledge of  the one who is being loved. Love is determined  when some

 one loves and the one who  has  been  loved can’t accept the precious offer.

 A real love just loves with no limit, it loves unconditionally unselfishly and

 it never demands  in  return  of  loving.  Thousands of today’s loves are not a

real love but pretending to be a love.  They really are desire, like, interest etc.

 and that’s why people call love does not last  long.   If One thinks he has really

 loved some one but his love fades away steadily, S/he just studied what love is.

It takes a life long to have the real love and once the real love is achieved by some

one s/he is  mature  enough to teach  the  philosophy of love  in  atleast  human  life…